Blog ≫ 2000 ≫ Beta Band play some records

They're DJing at Arthur Baker's shindig, but not playing...

This Sunday Beta Band are DJing at Arthur Baker's shindig at The Elbow Rooms in Islington, but not playing live, boo...

The legendary producer himself will also take a turn on the wheels of steel, and there might be some free booze; things kick off at mid day.

The Elbow Rooms is like a pool hall mixed with a club, and this Sunday Jam will be a weekly event, with free admission...


💬 Spearmint

💬 Camdemonium

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Thu Oct 19 2000

This content originally from my very popular (in the late '90s) website Some of this written by other people, so mainly originally created by me. I replicated this content here when popex eventually closed down in the early '00s. Hope this ignites memories if you find it.