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Hey CAMDEN! Let's GO!

It's that time again, if you frequent the North London Borough of Camden you can't have failed to spot the CAMDEMONIUM posters... are you ready for it?

The inner city "festival" formerly known as the Camden Crawl is ready to hit the streets on Thursday 19th of October... and we'll have some tickets to give away.

If you're not familiar with what goes on, basically it's lots of bands at lots of venues, but you just buy one ticket and flit between them... it's always the best night out of the Camden calender...

Participating venues are the Barfly, Dingwalls, Dublin Castle at the Underworld and tickets are a mere Jim Benner in advance or twelve on the door...

����������������re the bands this year?

In alphabetical order, confirmed so far, and slightly rearranged so Wilt are first, because I have a picture of them, we have Wilt, Action Spectacular, Bellatrix, Clearlake, The Disorientee, Fraff, Jacknife Lee, High Fidelity, Robots in Disguise, Sing Sing, Vegastones and Yumi Yumi, though this may change...

More news and free tickets later...

Tickets: Ticketmaster 24Hour cc (Bkng fee) 0870 5344 444 (national)020 7344

4444/7344 0044 (London) or ticketmaster.co.uk

Stargreen 020 7734 8932 or in person at Camden Ticket Shop, 3 Parkway, NW1 (no bkng fee on cash sales)


💬 Cousteau

💬 Spearmint

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This content originally from my very popular (in the late nineties) website popex.com. Parts were contributed by valued punters, but mainly originally created by me. I shifted this content here when the website finally closed down at the start of the '00s. Hopefully this ignites memories if you find it.