Why have I got minus 10 squillion quid?

Why have I got minus 10 squillion quid?

Sorry some of you have portfolio's that are reporting negative amounts of shares... What's been happening is that you've been credited with too much money in the past, but there has been a whole lot of "sweeping under the carpet" done when your portfolio was displayed. I.E. if you had 100 shares in Frankie Machine, and you somehow managed to sell 200, you should receive 200 lots of 4 quid or so, and then have MINUS 100 shares yeah? This isn't normally allowed, it's a mistake, but at least the books balance, yeah? What was happening was THE SYSTEM (the unnamed computer BEAST that I can blame all ills on) was cleaning this mistake up as it went by IGNORING all negative amounts of shares.

Now THE SYSTEM is not so generous. However I'll sort out any rum looking accounts for the next week or so, so mail me if your account looks wrong. After this date, be super careful about trying any silly tricks like clicking buttons hundreds of times or using two windows at once or anything.

PS, Good Morning.

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Mon Oct 02 2000

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