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Sitting oustide a petrol station in reading

Sunday 27th August, about mid-morning, he was sitting on the wall oustide a petrol station about 2 or 3 hours before he was due to play the main stage. I went and chatted with him (I was weraing my 'A' t-shirt at the time). He asked if Limp Bizkit were good, I said they were bloody amazing. He told me that Leeds was soaked and we had a little chuckle... I had to go coz I needed to get some cash (which later got nicked) and he told me that he was gonna be looking for my pink hair in the crowd when he was on stage. I got pretty close to the front, and sure enough, about half-way through their set he looked up and pointed to me and grinned... what a guy!


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Celeb spotting action, not actual stalking. Gotta catch them all! Originally a popular feature of my site popex.com, so mostly from the early '00s. 99% contributed by valued punters. Hopefully now with some bonus location content that was lost for a while.