Blog1991 ≫ Nirvana @ Birmingham Hummingbird

Time for another bit of back-blogging... this day in 1991 I was at Birmingham Hummingbird to see Nirvana... I was just inspired to add this by stumbling across NirvanaGuide.com1, which has the following details for the gig:


There are also a couple of bootlegs available of this gig, an audio recording and a video... the one thing I DID remember about the gig was that Shonen Knife and Captain America (Eugene Kelly from The Vaselines) also played, Captain America had to change their name not long after, to Eugenius.

Wish I'd kept my tour t-shirt, but I gave it away not long after the gig... I just wanted to be seen with it at least once, down the Air Balloon.

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