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Sharon osbourne and "sharon osbourne" related things, including places, pubbing, gigs and posts about sharon osbourne.If you have something to offer concerning sharon osbourne that I have not covered here, Please do chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer regarding my family tree, local pubs or other venues, home automation sharon osbourne experiments, home brew, beer, or cider. Thank you.

Chaka Khan, Celine Dion, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Jewel, Lisa Marie Presley, Ashanti, Shania Twain, Pat Benatar, Isley Brothers, Queen Latifah, Sharon Osbourne and STEVIE WONDER! MGM Mirage, Paradise, NV 89109, USA [2003-05-22 2003]

Only one bloke? All famous people are gay, it's a fact. [Sun 29 October 2006]

More Kirsty Young than Cary Grant but I take your point, it is rubbish and based mostly on hairstyles. That is definitely not... [Sun 29 October 2006]

RE: Celebrities I am probably related to I'd say you're more Sharon Osborne than you are Cary Grant..... [Sun 29 October 2006]

RE: Celebrities I am probably related to Dodgy that two are women and one bloke might be gay! [Sat 28 October 2006]

Celebrities I am probably related to Hmm, not so sure about this: Great idea though. It also says it's fairly sure I've got some... [Thu 26 October 2006]

Sharon Osbourne Electric Ballroom [Mon 30 June 2003]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Seabrook near Folkestone, Kent. married to Clare and father to Harry and Tommy, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly javascript, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal , so if you search here for pubbing or other venues it will only return sharon osbourne pubbing / venues I have been to or will go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you are interested in a more general search Please do try sharon osbourne on Folkestone Gerald, where I list national and international venues...

As it goes there are no pubbing / places concerning sharon osbourne anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please give me a shout!

Paul Clarke


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