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Home automation and "home automation" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and blog posts about home automation.If you have something to contribute regarding home automation that Is not mentioned here, Please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to contribute concerning my tree, local pubs or other places, home automation home automation experiments, homebrew, beer, or cider. Cheers.

Also MiHome now looks a viable alternative More on that topic here , not tried mihome from energenie myself but it looks worth a go as... [Sat 7 January 2017]

New repo for my python lightwaverf robot butler Here just need to write up a few notes, things that you need to get going. It's going to be... [Tue 24 November 2015]

Home brew is still good Every pint seems like it came out of a soda stream since I added the gas to keep it fresh,... [Fri 9 October 2015]

Ruby and Rugby Clare went out last night to watch the rugby and have a curry, I stayed home and watched it and... [Sun 4 October 2015]

Google are going to mess up my home automation next month Bah, they're turning off xml access to google calendar , and that's what I do to turn my... [Fri 2 October 2015]

Raspberry pi touch official screen display only $60 Sounds great details here . However that $60 becomes 瞿60 before you can get it in the uk, not... [Wed 9 September 2015]

Hacked Amazon dash buttons This is a good one . This guy has hacked the amazon dash button to use it for his own internet... [Fri 4 September 2015]

Home automation on the raspberry pi in nodejs Saving this one for later heimcontrol.js was created to gain experience in Node.js, MongoDB,... [Fri 21 August 2015]

Will Lockitron work with my door? No . lockitron.com [Fri 13 February 2015]

Laundrino (DIY smart connected washing machine) Done a little work on this today, while sitting in the playroom with the boys... I'm genuinely... [Sat 24 January 2015]

Ambient light connected to the TV (accidentally) Clare came downstairs first this morning and one of the christmas lights was on, the strange... [Wed 17 December 2014]

Lightwaverf + google calendar powered christmas lights It's the time of year again! Got my christmas lights on timers, so they come on when it's dark... [Tue 16 December 2014]

Aaargh home automation pi has stopped responding My main raspberry pi that acts as the home automation server (connects to the calendar, sees if... [Wed 12 November 2014]

Lightwaverf have finally broken things for me too Lots of people on the forum have been complaining that a firmware update from lightwaverf... [Fri 24 October 2014]

Waiting for a call back on our heating Central heating has not come on, our old engineer is not responding, so we're trying one... [Wed 15 October 2014]

Got the tests passing in the new version of my robot butler Rah been struggling for ages with the new version of my lightwaverf code , because I started to... [Mon 13 October 2014]

Very handy thread on the alternatives to LightWaveRF Here on this forum ... I've been very loyal to lightwaverf for a long time. I've wavered a bit... [Wed 1 October 2014]

Someone's using my lightwaverf robot butler code Nice, just got a support request on the google plus from someone who's trying to use it, makes... [Sat 13 September 2014]

Wowser is anyone still using X10 X10 is the old home automation signal-over-power protocol, I thought it was long dead but... [Fri 12 September 2014]

New "Thread" protocol for wireless home automation Here on venturebeat , Nest (google) and others have got together to come up with a new... [Fri 5 September 2014]

I just voice controlled the lounge lights Clare will be so pleased with my voice controlled home automation ... It's not going as... [Wed 3 September 2014]

Trying out some home automation voice control Connected a microphone to a raspberry pi trying to get it to respond to my voice. It's having... [Fri 29 August 2014]

Good range of home automation at Maplin at the moment See here , some of it looks a bit clunky and dated like the sockets you plug in to other... [Thu 31 July 2014]

Works With Nest Nest are pushing Works With Nest today, lots of people they're working with that link in with... [Tue 24 June 2014]

Emberlight smart lighting Emberlight is building a home automation product that turns any light into a smart light. Our... [Thu 8 May 2014]

Raspberry Pi compute module There's a new raspberry pi , called the compute module . It's meant for integrating with other... [Tue 8 April 2014]

Maplin are going home automation crazy today Today's promo covers lightwaverf , wemo and lifx today, lots of great stuff there from... [Thu 3 April 2014]

Nest thermostat is available in the UK today Hmm we need a new thermostat ... this replaces the thermostat and the timer it seems. Not sure... [Wed 2 April 2014]

In this article, you are going to build a weather measurement station that will automatically send data to my butt In this article , you are going to build a weather measurement station that will automatically... [Thu 27 March 2014]

If you buy stuff from Vesternet I get money off! Hi I've been building my smart home with Vesternet. You should check them out Here!... [Wed 12 March 2014]

Night of the arduino As Clare was out with work last night I did a bit of arduino experimenting. Did not make much... [Tue 11 February 2014]

Joy of Tech's take on Google buying Nest Google thermostat releated fun ... Possibly you are inviting THE MAN into your home by buying... [Thu 16 January 2014]

Good public speaking advice Not that I am thinking of doing any public speaking or presenting , but sometimes I have to... [Wed 15 January 2014]

Home automation just got mainstream Google just bought nest.com . I love the look of their thermostat, not quite so sure about... [Mon 13 January 2014]

Step away from the computer now Just done something stupid on my xbmc setup - the style of music that is playing now controls... [Tue 31 December 2013]

I told Clare I needed some time for wrapping... So she has gone out with the boys for the whole afternoon... Optimistic I think! Thirty seconds... [Tue 24 December 2013]

Couple of home automation evil genius jobs for the weekend I got some of those outdoor christmas lights from B&Q this morning. I wouldn't normally but... [Sat 14 December 2013]

Bitponics looks expensive Here and not actually available yet. It is internet powered gardening. I can do this stuff for... [Mon 25 November 2013]

DIY cybernetics From the same people who made my air quality meter , a heart rate monitor . I can connect this... [Mon 11 November 2013]

This is amazing I was trying to explain at work what my home automation is not like, it is mostly not like... [Mon 11 November 2013]

I never did mention my DIY automated blinds here I have this retrofit powered blinds controller for my automated blinds , a very nice forty... [Mon 11 November 2013]

Competition for the Arduino Yun Hmm not sure about this . I like the idea, I like what openhomeautomation.net do. They have... [Fri 1 November 2013]

All new lightwaverf products on the way (including heating) Seems there is a new distributor . How exciting, the wife, I can now foul up the central... [Thu 24 October 2013]

New home automation project on github Here using this hardware . It's lightwaverf network based control but without the wifi link . [Wed 23 October 2013]

Google spreadsheet logging of home automation Just started using this google drive api - with it I can log direct from my lightwaverf ruby... [Tue 22 October 2013]

Got my new components today And installed wiringpi - this will let me connect random devices and components and wires to... [Mon 7 October 2013]

Home automation with XBMC (again) So with a little bit of this and a little bit of that I now have my TV controlling my house -... [Mon 7 October 2013]

Home automation with XBMC One for later ... I was going to do some soldering tonight but I've been distracted by writing... [Sat 5 October 2013]

Just ordered some components A 433mhz receiver and a 433mhz transmitter from coolcomponents.co.uk . Been meaning to get... [Thu 3 October 2013]

IKEA hack idea I got an idea, I'm going to get one of these kitchen worktops and use it for a sideboard type... [Tue 1 October 2013]

Lightwaverf socket dimmer kit down in price at Screwfix Three sockets for 25 quid, down from 37 quid... UPDATE: Been kicked off the screwfix... [Fri 20 September 2013]

Wireless relay control with arduino One to save for later , home automation with arduino , without any need for special switches... [Wed 11 September 2013]

Lightwaverf magnetic switches These magnetic switches are now available apparently - connect them up to your lightwaverf... [Mon 26 August 2013]

Successful holiday! Only three people missed their flight, and only two were hospitalised. This sounds staggier than... [Fri 16 August 2013]

New robot butler github page Save cluttering up the blog with too much of this, here is a page . I could probably my own... [Thu 8 August 2013]

Robot butler automated garden watering video A quick video, more of a shaky unfocussed show off rather than a useful demo, but see me clicking... [Sun 4 August 2013]

Randomised timers in the lightwaverf home automation gem gem update lightwaverf or gem install lightwaverf update your calendar events and add... [Tue 30 July 2013]

Home automation phone app is 100% done! Well the first draft anyway... I now have my own robot butler app on my phone, and it is... [Wed 24 July 2013]

Did more work on the phone app Home automation phone app is still at 98% though I would say as I (wisely) decided to start... [Wed 24 July 2013]

That storm came then Impressive thunderstorm last night. Came quite late, so was oppresively hot to sleep, then too... [Tue 23 July 2013]

Good weekend (hot weekend) Weekend mostly taken up by two children's birthday parties, a barbecue for Elliott 's fourth... [Mon 22 July 2013]

Ruby / Sinatra app only available to localhost Revisited some work last night, a little api into my home automation work so I can expose it... [Thu 18 July 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem (0.5) Install or update the gem for the latest feature, which is an energy usage web page generator.... [Thu 4 July 2013]

My lightwaverf / ifttt garden sprinkler idea kicked in today! The weather report says it is going to be clear, so my recipe has set the lawn sprinkler to... [Tue 25 June 2013]

New release of my lightwaverf home automation ruby gem Get it here , version 0.4, including new super timers by Julian McLean and myself. You can now... [Sat 22 June 2013]

Home automation ruby gem improvements I've merged in the changes to my home automation ruby gem and only a few things broke for me.... [Mon 3 June 2013]

Raspberry pi control of lightwaverf (with no extra hardware)..? This sounds great , no other hardware required (except a piece of wire connected to one pin of... [Mon 8 April 2013]

I refunded my ebay buyer Bah, I am 40 quid out of pocket after my ebay buyer claimed the sky+ box did not arrive. I have... [Thu 4 April 2013]

Asterisk door opening One to save for later via metallic-badger.com [Tue 2 April 2013]

Three days of Asterisk training That was a really enjoyable training course by David Duffett on Asterisk / VOIP and how to... [Thu 28 March 2013]

Motion detecting diy home automation security surveillance Needs work probably. This picture is from the raspberry pi . From March 2013 [Sun 24 March 2013]

Practical uses for my magnetic door contact texter / tweeter This is a magnetic door contact , I've connected one to the Arduino and written some code so... [Thu 21 March 2013]

Done more home automation tinkering today for the first time in ages Now got the kitchen clock and microwave on remote controls so I can set them to a timer. They... [Sun 17 March 2013]

Lots of interesting new stuff On this blog . [Thu 14 February 2013]

Someone's written a siri proxy plugin using my code Good work a simple plugin so they can say "lounge light on" into their iphone and siri will... [Sun 10 February 2013]

Genius Oh but rubygems.org has been hacked. [Thu 31 January 2013]

Something made our bedroom TV come on at 3am this morning Home automation fail! Not sure what happened yet, it is not in my timer calendar to come on at... [Tue 15 January 2013]

lightwaverf ruby gem home automation calendar now improved My ruby gem has just been updated, it now works with the start and end time of the calendar... [Sun 13 January 2013]

I fixed my raspberry pi again After locking myself out of my raspberry pi the other day, I fixed it again last night. Decided... [Thu 10 January 2013]

Doh, my home automation timer just failed After all my talk of making my home smart with my own lightwaverf ruby gem , I just had a big... [Sat 5 January 2013]

Home automation system for the BBC Micro anyone? Just found this on ebay , home automation for the bbc micro ! Listed as parts / not working... [Fri 4 January 2013]

Google calendar central heating timer I did some work on my lightwaverf home automation code last night, and got the timers working... [Fri 4 January 2013]

How did I fail to blog this already? Tommy smiled ! To both of us, in the same day! Definitely not just wind this time. This was on... [Mon 31 December 2012]

Command line home automation in ruby Oh yeah THAT is what people are crying out for! See my new work here . Well I'm enjoying it, now... [Thu 27 December 2012]

Remote controlled sockets for a fiver from Maplin This is not as nice as the lightwaverf that I am investing in at the moment but it's CHEAP!... [Thu 29 November 2012]

Good weekend, with some sleep! number two son's been a very good boy, last night went all according to plan. He woke up for a... [Mon 26 November 2012]

Is this day seven? Things are going well here. Took Harry to nursery this morning, bleary eyed and in my slippers,... [Mon 12 November 2012]

Bought more lightwaverf today and LightwaveRF API news... [Sun 4 November 2012]

Remote sockets in the UK There were none of these when I was looking previously... Now I am tempted, but now is... [Sun 23 September 2012]

Most automated dorm room I missed this while I was on holiday! Look out the wife, this is the future! Did some more... [Tue 22 May 2012]

Just saved myself a bundle of money Had a couple of ebay auctions come in that I did not win, hooray! Sort of! I would like this... [Mon 16 April 2012]

Now here's a nice table This is a nice table, with a super low starting price, still only at 41 quid, and would have... [Fri 2 March 2012]

Robot house update Here's my source code , it's a bit messy. Using sockets for turning the lights on and off, so... [Mon 20 February 2012]

Home of the future Watched Home of the future last night, a little bit weak I thought. I know it has to be... [Thu 16 February 2012]

Home automation is maybe back on track I'm only four months late with this , The Google are on board and partnering with hardware... [Mon 12 September 2011]

HomeEasy XPLMonkey says you can use RFXCom to automat them... [Fri 8 October 2010]

powerline / mains ethernet / homeplug thing not working and now I know why! [Mon 27 September 2010]

Remote light switch has arrived So attempting to wire that up tonight... [Fri 24 September 2010]

A weekend off DIY Boot fairs and shopping, and day dreaming about home automation. [Sat 18 September 2010]

Should I buy these? Chucking these purchasing decisions out to the twittersphere etc... [Fri 17 September 2010]

Folkestone RestauRANTS Our impartial guide to the restaurants in Folkestone , such that they are... [Sun 31 October 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
None that I am aware of at this moment in time. Regards, Bazzer [Tue 27 July 2004]

Gedcom.pm I used Paul Johnson's http://search.cpan.org/dist/Gedcom/ Gedcom.pm to process the output of... [Tue 28 October 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire,... [Thu 9 January 2003]

Paul Clarke's blog - I work and live in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. married to Clare and father to two, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly javascript, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal , so if you are Looking for for pubs or other venues you will only find home automation pubbing / venues I have been to or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more general search Please try home automation on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international places...

As it turns out there are no pubs / places regarding home automation anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Have I missed something? Please let me know!

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