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Who says we don't go to gigs any more? Oh... Harry's belated birthday treat. Of course he'd gone off Peppa Pig by the time this came round. EAT, 74-78 Finsbury Pavement, Islington, 01227 787787 [2012-06-23 2012]

Genealogy / family tree

Harry Cecil CLARKE 1915 -

Harry CLARKE 1856 - 1951

Harry J L CLARKE 1881 -

Harry Samways 1891 - 1969

We made cakes [Friday 12 February 2016]

Day off in Dymchurch [Friday 10 April 2015]

And Harry turned back into an angel again [Thursday 14 August 2014]

I got a lovely fathers day gift [Monday 17 June 2013]

Day of hospitals [Monday 10 December 2012]

Bed arrives today [Friday 30 September 2011]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history [Sunday 17 October 2010]

Nothing to say today I'll try though... [Thursday 24 June 2010]

As expected, our warranty is less than worthless [Friday 21 May 2010]

RE: Cool baby grows [Monday 1 February 2010]

Thirty quid for a Skid Row single?!? That's a lot! Nice day today! [Saturday 18 July 2009]

Thanks to whoever just bought ATP World Tour tickets That's a kerchingus 20 commission in one go! [Friday 17 July 2009]

Harry update MASSIVE POO! No pictures, don't worry. [Thursday 16 July 2009]

RT @darryl1974 The demolition of the Astoria in pictures: http://bit.ly/RdAuQ [Wednesday 15 July 2009]

Can't believe I'm back in work tomorrow See you there, oh I am so looking forward to it! [Sunday 5 July 2009]

Cool baby grows If only he'd get more than ten minutes wear out of them... [Saturday 4 July 2009]

That book that people keep ebaying at 400 Another copy just started at ten pounds! [Friday 3 July 2009]

Remember all those stories in the news about family tax credit being RUBBISH? I understand them now! [Friday 3 July 2009]

1930 Fairy Tales relisted AGAIN at GBP385 [Tuesday 30 June 2009]

Good bath last night Harry not me, a bath in this weather, are you mad? [Tuesday 30 June 2009]

About to attempt bath #4 They've been bad, good, bad so far. Harry's baths, not mine. [Thursday 25 June 2009]

Holiday has been going fast Lovely day for it, just walked along Folkestone Leas [Thursday 25 June 2009]

Slumber bear has been dispatched Hope this is not hitman slang... [Sunday 21 June 2009]

Harry's cord came off today I'm not meant to keep it am I? [Saturday 20 June 2009]

Where'd my paternity leave go? See you back in work Monday :-( [Thursday 18 June 2009]

Tallboy! Habitat Radius, East Sussex, GO! [Thursday 18 June 2009]

I think he's getting better already [Tuesday 16 June 2009]

Yeah I knew it had to get better [Tuesday 16 June 2009]

RE: Goodnight [Tuesday 16 June 2009]

Goodnight No, GOOD NIGHT, an actual good night, had to wake Harry this morning! [Tuesday 16 June 2009]

RE: Harry not settling at all [Tuesday 16 June 2009]

Harry not settling at all Bah [Monday 15 June 2009]

Blur warmup at Rough Trade East RIGHT NOW! @darryl1974 is twittering it live. I am doing dad stuff. [Monday 15 June 2009]

Another nice day with the family If anyone says they saw me in McD's, my nephews dragged me in there, OK? [Sunday 14 June 2009]

Nice day with the family Harry still asleep, bet he's up all night :-( [Saturday 13 June 2009]

Got a spare couple of hours to myself! Should I sleep, or computer..? [Friday 12 June 2009]

RE: Cereal? Soup? [Friday 12 June 2009]

Cereal? Soup? Bah I have mixed up the food bowls with the baby bum cleaning bowls [Thursday 11 June 2009]

RE: New picture [Wednesday 10 June 2009]

Day two. Would Harry please come to the diary room... Not a good night's sleep, ah well [Wednesday 10 June 2009]

@pauly #m12701 great picture, looks sweet, Hope everything is going well. :) [Tuesday 9 June 2009]

New picture No me in this one, it's all baby! [Tuesday 9 June 2009]

Harry Clarke's birth by twitter Might come back and update this one with more details... [Monday 8 June 2009]

Father and son Another picture! Got me in this one unfortunately though. [Monday 8 June 2009]

RE: Happy birthday! [Monday 8 June 2009]

RE: Happy birthday! [Monday 8 June 2009]

Congratulations :-) @pauly #m12693 [Monday 8 June 2009]

RE: Happy birthday! [Monday 8 June 2009]

Happy birthday! First picture! [Monday 8 June 2009]

Margaret Clarke stamps That's Clare's great great aunt, she's painted a stamp [Saturday 30 May 2009]

We have Clarkes in Cosham at that time [Tuesday 19 May 2009]

trying to locate Robert Clarke [Monday 18 May 2009]

Harry Clarke pool on Flickr [Sunday 17 May 2009]

Fairy Tales now relisted at 385 [Tuesday 24 March 2009]

Who started this book at 450??? [Tuesday 24 March 2009]

The Year's At The Spring Cool 1920 poetry anthology, illustrated by Clare's famous relative [Wednesday 18 February 2009]

Harry Clarke on the cover of Irish Arts Review [Saturday 31 January 2009]

Hmm I will have to find a way to sneak the ebay ads into the feed... [Saturday 31 January 2009]

RE: If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get [Saturday 31 January 2009]

If you only buy one 20 inch canvas print of Paul Ross this year, this is the one to get [Wednesday 28 January 2009]

RE: any link? [Tuesday 6 January 2009]

RE: any link? [Saturday 20 December 2008]

The Tales of Beedle the Bard [Sunday 3 August 2008]

Hans Anderson first edition [Tuesday 8 July 2008]

Here's what I want for my birthday [Tuesday 8 July 2008]

RE: Good to know [Friday 18 April 2008]

Good to know [Wednesday 16 April 2008]

RE: abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site [Tuesday 15 April 2008]

abebooks.co.uk are still recommending I join commission junction on their site [Tuesday 15 April 2008]

RE: ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction [Monday 14 April 2008]

ABE Books also leaving Commission Junction [Tuesday 8 April 2008]

BBC4, they're sure to repeat it [Wednesday 19 March 2008]

RE: New not-comedy on BBC4 [Wednesday 19 March 2008]

New not-comedy on BBC4 [Tuesday 18 March 2008]

An elusive item for all fans of the Clarke Family [Thursday 3 January 2008]

So this is who I was bidding against in that last Harry Clarke auction [Wednesday 19 December 2007]

A couple of modern affordable Harry Clarke books [Tuesday 20 November 2007]

Weekend train fun [Thursday 15 November 2007]

Harry Clarke / Fairy Tales [Thursday 15 November 2007]

Wahey, thankyou! [Monday 29 October 2007]

RE: TFI The Weekend [Saturday 27 October 2007]

TFI The Weekend [Saturday 27 October 2007]

Tales of Edgar Allen Poe Anotehr Harry Clarke illustrated book up on Ebay... [Friday 5 October 2007]

Woo won my first Harry Clarke auction [Thursday 27 September 2007]

Harry Clarke talk at Ballyhaunis Friary [Friday 31 August 2007]

Hot weekend [Sunday 5 August 2007]

Back on ebay again [Saturday 12 May 2007]

Harry Clarke Good Housekeeping [Monday 23 April 2007]

Women Voters & the Death Penalty [Sunday 22 April 2007]

Harry Clarke re-listing [Friday 20 April 2007]

Live auction for a signed and numbered Harry Clarke [Tuesday 17 April 2007]

Harry Clarke colour plates [Sunday 21 January 2007]

Tales of mystery and imagination [Tuesday 16 January 2007]

Cheers for this update Harry [Wednesday 22 November 2006]

Black Horse @ Monks Horton [Wednesday 22 November 2006]

Sorry for not replying sooner! [Monday 20 November 2006]

RE: Charles Perrault fairy tales, in Dutch [Monday 13 November 2006]

Charles Perrault fairy tales, in Dutch [Sunday 12 November 2006]

Harry Clarke watercolours [Thursday 19 October 2006]

I went to the Victoria and Albert museum [Friday 13 October 2006]

Was it you? [Tuesday 10 October 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke live auction [Monday 9 October 2006]

Harry Clarke at the V&A [Thursday 5 October 2006]

Harry Clarke live auction [Monday 2 October 2006]

Another Harry Clarke auction [Sunday 1 October 2006]

Harry Clarke auction frenzy [Thursday 28 September 2006]

Another Harry Clarke on Ebay [Tuesday 12 September 2006]

Original Harry Clarke artwork [Tuesday 12 September 2006]

Harry Clarke print [Tuesday 12 September 2006]

Yep, I'm going to be in trouble [Tuesday 25 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay [Tuesday 25 July 2006]

Bidding's started on Faust [Tuesday 18 July 2006]

I don't want it now, I can't afford it [Tuesday 18 July 2006]

RE: Harry Clarke on Ebay [Tuesday 18 July 2006]

Harry Clarke on Ebay [Monday 17 July 2006]

What bands did you see there Bruce, anyone good? [Saturday 19 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history [Friday 18 November 2005]

This is great, I don't suppose you have any memorabilia from that time do you? [Tuesday 8 November 2005]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history [Tuesday 8 November 2005]

Joshua Joseph CLARK [Friday 5 August 2005]

New Bluggcast [Friday 3 June 2005]

I did know that [Tuesday 31 May 2005]

BTW did you know that "Dirty Old Town" was about Salford. learnt that in a bar called "Maggie o'Brien's when we were in Spain [Tuesday 31 May 2005]

Headline? [Tuesday 31 May 2005]

Damn I had a really good headline in mind for this [Tuesday 31 May 2005]

Not very likely Matt [Tuesday 8 February 2005]

Harry Clarke [Tuesday 8 February 2005]

harry clarke [Thursday 18 November 2004]

Hi fellow Clarke,
We are not looking for Harry Clarke.I know who mine are Our Harry was born 1856 in Cosham, was a Brewer then a dairy farmer....
[Wednesday 10 November 2004]

A different Harry Clarke [Tuesday 9 November 2004]

Harry Clarke [Tuesday 9 November 2004]

Folkestone RestauRANTS [Sunday 31 October 2004]

Harry ELLIOTT [Thursday 30 September 2004]

Hi Jim,
Not one of ours, sorry.
[Tuesday 27 July 2004]

None that I am aware of at this moment in time.
Regards, Bazzer
[Tuesday 27 July 2004]

Harry Cosbey Clarke [Tuesday 27 July 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history [Friday 26 March 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history [Sunday 21 March 2004]

RE: John WINDEBANK [Friday 27 February 2004]

John WINDEBANK [Friday 27 February 2004]

Cheers for that! [Monday 23 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history [Monday 23 February 2004]

Good work fact man! [Friday 20 February 2004]

RE: Updated Folkestone gig history [Thursday 19 February 2004]

Updated Folkestone gig history [Thursday 19 February 2004]

RE: Ancestors [Wednesday 11 February 2004]

Ancestors [Wednesday 11 February 2004]

RE: Clarke family Ireland [Friday 6 February 2004]

RE: William HALL [Thursday 22 January 2004]

I think Dad tried to reply and something went wrong [Thursday 22 January 2004]

William HALL [Saturday 17 January 2004]

RE: any link? [Sunday 11 January 2004]

Clarke family Ireland [Tuesday 30 December 2003]

RE: any link? [Wednesday 5 November 2003]

I noticed someone searching for Clarke and Rainey the other day [Wednesday 5 November 2003]

Mahon Family Tree [Wednesday 29 October 2003]

Gedcom.pm [Tuesday 28 October 2003]

any link? [Saturday 25 October 2003]

Harry Enfield Primrose Hill [Friday 4 July 2003]

Clarke Family Tree Paul Leslie Clarke's family tree and genealogy resource, Clarke family history, mostly Hampshire, UK. [Thursday 9 January 2003]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Seabrook near Folkestone, Kent. married to Clare and father to Harry and Tommy, I am a software engineer, and I do mostly javascript, Node, python, ruby, and php. I like pubs, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal blog, so if you search here for pubs or other places it will only return harry pubbing / places I was at or will go to. Fingers crossed it will return those anyway...If you want a more broader search Please try harry on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international venues...

As it turns out there are no pubs / places regarding harry anyway. Enjoy the blog posts though.Is there something I have missed? Please let me know!

Paul Clarke


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