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Burlington Earls Avenue, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2HR

Wards 39 Earls Avenue, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2HB

I've been back to our old flat on Earls Avenue [Thursday 28 August 2014]

Another cracking day today [Friday 4 June 2010]

Who's that parking in a disabled bay on Earls Avenue? Folkestone got google maps street view now! [Thursday 11 March 2010]

Flat in our block for sale for a lot less than ours Got a third viewing lined up... [Friday 19 February 2010]

RE: Vanished businesses [Friday 15 August 2008]

Did you see Folkestone on TV last night? [Wednesday 18 June 2008]

Did you see Folkestone on TV last night? [Wednesday 18 June 2008]

Rents SOARING! [Tuesday 20 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie [Friday 1 February 2008]

RE: Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie [Friday 1 February 2008]

[Crystal maze themed headline here] [Tuesday 22 January 2008]

I think she's got a fresh supply of post-it notes in especially [Wednesday 28 November 2007]

RE: Why park sensibly... [Wednesday 28 November 2007]

RE: Why park sensibly... [Wednesday 28 November 2007]

RE: Haha, did you write it? [Monday 26 November 2007]

Haha, did you write it? [Monday 26 November 2007]

RE: Why park sensibly... [Monday 26 November 2007]

Why park sensibly... ... when you can park like an ignorant... [Monday 26 November 2007]

Cheers, did you see the picture on westcliffshades.co.uk? [Thursday 21 September 2006]

RE: Feltonfleet School [Thursday 21 September 2006]

RE: Radnor Club postcard [Thursday 21 September 2006]

West Cliff Shades [Wednesday 20 September 2006]

The Executive Club / West Cliff Shades / The Happy Frenchman [Wednesday 20 September 2006]

Radnor Club postcard [Wednesday 20 September 2006]

Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie [Wednesday 20 September 2006]

The Crowe / Larken collection [Wednesday 20 September 2006]

Feltonfleet School [Wednesday 20 September 2006]

Vanished businesses [Wednesday 20 September 2006]

RE: Goldie Lookin' Chain [Monday 13 February 2006]

Result! [Friday 27 January 2006]

I got my tickets! [Friday 27 January 2006]

They are drunk, abusive, underage and wreaking havoc in a Hampshire town No, not my friends... [Friday 27 January 2006]

Cheers! [Wednesday 30 November 2005]

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Ban Big Wigglies [Friday 16 September 2005]

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History of The Langhorne [Monday 22 August 2005]

Where's that then? [Monday 22 August 2005]

Wear Bay Dock [Monday 22 August 2005]

What sort of shop, any idea? [Thursday 30 June 2005]

Prince Albert [Thursday 30 June 2005]

Speaking of bars, we went to the Mariner today [Sunday 19 June 2005]

Pub Front(Prince Albert) [Sunday 19 June 2005]

Prince Albert [Sunday 19 June 2005]

BBC Kent weather gallery [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

There's a couple of pages on the Prince Albert in that book [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

What's the tattoo of? [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

By the way, the views from the windows are outstanding. Look on BBC Kent photo weather gallery, and photos 1, 2 and 4 are the views from our front ... [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

Hi, can tell you took the photo a while ago, ours is the floor with all the windowboxes and have now got hanging baskets. Flower display now flouri... [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

Prince Albert [Tuesday 7 June 2005]

Is it a nice flat? Is it new? [Monday 6 June 2005]

Rendezvous Street, Folkestone [Monday 6 June 2005]

49 - 51 Earls Avenue [Sunday 15 May 2005]

Nice big property! [Monday 7 March 2005]

Folkestone and District Family History Society [Monday 28 June 2004]

1901 Census [Monday 28 June 2004]

Feeling like Shit !!!!! [Saturday 7 February 2004]

Pixies Tickets Sold Out [Saturday 7 February 2004]

Cheers for checking in [Thursday 29 January 2004]

RE: Estate Agents [Wednesday 28 January 2004]

Estate Agents [Wednesday 28 January 2004]

Goldie Lookin' Chain [Sunday 18 January 2004]

The offer [Friday 16 January 2004]

Earls Avenue [Wednesday 14 January 2004]

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