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Earls Avenue, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2HR

39 Earls Avenue, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2HB

Walked to gymnastics today I left work early, owed a couple of hours so I took them. Plan was to race to the pub and sit and... [Fri 17 March 2017]

I've been back to our old flat on Earls Avenue Got an email from my old neighbour saying there was a letter for me at our old flat on Earls... [Thu 28 August 2014]

Another cracking day today Gorgeous and sunny yesterday too, will it be tomorrow? Will it be Sunday for when family are... [Fri 4 June 2010]

Who's that parking in a disabled bay on Earls Avenue? Folkestone got google maps street view now! [Thu 11 March 2010]

Flat in our block for sale for a lot less than ours Got a third viewing lined up... [Fri 19 February 2010]

RE: Vanished businesses Feltonfleet moved to Cobham, Surrey after moving from Folkestone and pupils were evacuated during... [Fri 15 August 2008]

Did you see Folkestone on TV last night? Slight repost from the blog , but didn't we look nice on The Culture Show last night? An... [Wed 18 June 2008]

Did you see Folkestone on TV last night? The town looked nice on The Culture Show , I'm glad. That's why I was looking up The Culture... [Wed 18 June 2008]

Rents SOARING! Saw a feature on BBC Breakfast this morning about how that blame-for-everything credit crunch is... [Tue 20 May 2008]

RE: Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie I don't know about the "low price" bit, but it's easy to [abe=mackie+folkestone]get one from ABE... [Fri 1 February 2008]

RE: Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie hI, i READ YOUR MESSAGE ABOUT GETTING "EASY" GETTING A COPY OF "mackie". i'M ONLY INTERESTED IN... [Fri 1 February 2008]

[Crystal maze themed headline here] Got home yesterday to find a new front door being fitted, it's amazing what you miss when you... [Tue 22 January 2008]

I think she's got a fresh supply of post-it notes in especially [Wed 28 November 2007]

RE: Why park sensibly... As long as she(?) does not but one on mine when we come down next month! [Wed 28 November 2007]

RE: Why park sensibly... their written skills are really first class! people like this really wind me up. they obviously... [Wed 28 November 2007]

RE: Haha, did you write it? No just used to reading my own abysmal hand writing these days... only use a pen to sign for my... [Mon 26 November 2007]

Haha, did you write it? [Mon 26 November 2007]

RE: Why park sensibly... (something) says ISSUED. [Mon 26 November 2007]

Why park sensibly... ... when you can park like an ignorant... [Mon 26 November 2007]

Cheers, did you see the picture on westcliffshades.co.uk? westcliffshades.co.uk has a picture of it, that looks to me to be the building I mentioned that... [Thu 21 September 2006]

RE: Feltonfleet School All this if for a new book on the history of Westbrook House School from 1957 - 2005. It will of... [Thu 21 September 2006]

RE: Radnor Club postcard The Radnor Club was on the corner of Sandgate Road and Christchurch Road, it's now something to... [Thu 21 September 2006]

West Cliff Shades Loads of history of West Cliff Shades (now The Happy Frenchman , but for how much longer..?)... [Wed 20 September 2006]

The Executive Club / West Cliff Shades / The Happy Frenchman This history of West Cliff Shades , which seems to have been turned into The Happy Frenchman ,... [Wed 20 September 2006]

Radnor Club postcard ... [Wed 20 September 2006]

Folkestone and its neighbourhood by S. J. Mackie One resource that seems invaluable in Folkestone history terms would seem to be [abe=mackie... [Wed 20 September 2006]

The Crowe / Larken collection There's a reference to The Radnor Club here in this catalogue , possibly it's a photograph you... [Wed 20 September 2006]

Feltonfleet School Does anyone know anything about the Princes Hotel, Radnor (Executive) Club, Folkestone Trained... [Wed 20 September 2006]

Vanished businesses Does anyone know anything about the Princes Hotel, Radnor (Executive) Club, Folkestone Trained... [Wed 20 September 2006]

RE: Goldie Lookin' Chain In other news, the flat I've put an offer in on in Earls Avenue is still being marketed, hope... [Mon 13 February 2006]

Cheers! [Wed 30 November 2005]

RE: Copt point In answer to your question,the 'dock' below the cliffs at East Wear Bay is actually a sea defence... [Wed 30 November 2005]

Ban Big Wigglies Find out why Kim and Aggie are putting the focus on pet hygiene and want cat and dog owners to... [Fri 16 September 2005]

Copt point Heres a Multimap link. The aforementioned dock runs from beneath the Martello along to below... [Mon 22 August 2005]

History of The Langhorne Didn't realise they had their own site... [Mon 22 August 2005]

Where's that then? Can you find it on this satellite picture ? Double click to centre it, then right click on "link... [Mon 22 August 2005]

Wear Bay Dock Does anyone know what the dock/landing stage at Wear Bay was used for and when was it built?... [Mon 22 August 2005]

What sort of shop, any idea? Can't think what sort of shops we want in town really, there seem to be too many selling tat down... [Thu 30 June 2005]

Prince Albert The front part is being converted into a shop. [Thu 30 June 2005]

Speaking of bars, we went to the Mariner today Not bad in there, the whole harbour area was RAMMED with sunburnt people, but that pub's quite... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Pub Front(Prince Albert) Yea Pauly it seems to have been standing doing nothing for ages,itwould make a great meeting... [Sun 19 June 2005]

Prince Albert Yea Pauly,it was way back in the Sixties,crazy fantastic time mate??,but yea,still got the Tattoo... [Sun 19 June 2005]

BBC Kent weather gallery [Tue 7 June 2005]

There's a couple of pages on the Prince Albert in that book More Tales From The Tap Room , I have it in front of me now, I won't reproduce it here though,... [Tue 7 June 2005]

What's the tattoo of? Is it the first wife's name? [Tue 7 June 2005]

By the way, the views from the windows are outstanding. Look on BBC Kent photo weather gallery, and photos 1, 2 and 4 are the views from our front ... By the way, the views from the windows are outstanding. Look on BBC Kent photo weather gallery,... [Tue 7 June 2005]

Hi, can tell you took the photo a while ago, ours is the floor with all the windowboxes and have now got hanging baskets. Flower display now flouri... Hi, can tell you took the photo a while ago, ours is the floor with all the windowboxes and have... [Tue 7 June 2005]

Prince Albert I proposed to my first wife in the Prince Albert when it was a Pub,And had a tattoo put on my arm... [Tue 7 June 2005]

Is it a nice flat? Is it new? It's next door to The Metronome isn't it? I'll dig out the history that I have... there's a... [Mon 6 June 2005]

Rendezvous Street, Folkestone We currently live above what used to be the old Prince Albert hotel in Rendezvous Street , and... [Mon 6 June 2005]

49 - 51 Earls Avenue The snazzy looking development on our road is finally for sale with Fell Reynolds ... they say:... [Sun 15 May 2005]

Nice big property! 9 bedrooms for 450k ... oh, and a bar, restaurant, etc... on Marine Parade . The two bedroom... [Mon 7 March 2005]

Folkestone and District Family History Society Folkestone FHS have a range of census publications available cheaply here , nothing to browse... [Mon 28 June 2004]

1901 Census Checking the National Archives site I can find no mention of Earls Avenue from 1901 and it... [Mon 28 June 2004]

No more 106 In an attempt to make this less boring, I'll not be mentioning the 106 bus for at least a week.... [Mon 9 February 2004]

Feeling like Shit !!!!! So pleased to hear that you are feeling like shit this monrning - I got hammered last night and I... [Sat 7 February 2004]

Pixies Tickets Sold Out How about those pixies tickets then? I have hauled myself out of bed particularly early, only... [Sat 7 February 2004]

Cheers for checking in Can't wait to move in... [Thu 29 January 2004]

RE: Estate Agents Great news mate on the flat purchase - can't wait to see your new home ! Have you ordered the... [Wed 28 January 2004]

Estate Agents Got official written confirmation yesterday that my offer has been accepted on the flat in Earls... [Wed 28 January 2004]

Goldie Lookin' Chain BBC says Goldie Lookin' Chain are supporting The Darkness on their Portsmouth and... [Sun 18 January 2004]

The offer Still settled on that flat, going to put in an offer today I think, HELLO if you're reading this... [Fri 16 January 2004]

Earls Avenue Have seen BILLIONS of places down in Folkestone so far this week, the star of which has been a... [Wed 14 January 2004]

Paul Clarke's - I live and work in Hythe near Folkestone, Kent. wed to Clare and father to two, I am a code engineer, and I do mostly js, nodejs, python, ruby, and php. I like pubbing, restaurants, home automation and other diy jiggery-pokery, history, genealogy, TV, popbitch, squirrels, pirates ☠, lego, and time travel.

This is my personal , so if you search here for pubs or other venues it will only return earls avenue pubbing / venues I was at or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more broader search Please do try earls avenue on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and even international venues...

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