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Twenty five years ago was the first gig I went to at the Wedgewood Rooms

Back at work

Glorious day again

Doing it myself

Day off

Great weekend in London

Bonus day off

DIY plumbing - what could go wrong?

Made a cup of coffee

Hella hot today

Been playing darts the past few days

Day off in Dymchurch

Worst eclipse ever

Bonus day off

Day off

Not as productive a day as it might have been

A second day out sick

Nick Helm is on 8 out of 10 cats tonight

Weekend starts here!

Sick day

Gone Segwayin'

Up above the streets and houses

Day off, christmas has now started!

Where did that eleven day holiday go?

Day off

John Lewis Bergerac Oak Sideboard

The boy and Daddy's day of fun

Bonus day off!

And we're half way through the week already!

Sick again

Paul Clarke


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