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Boot fair and "boot fair" related things, including venues, pubs, gigs and blog posts about boot fair. If you have anything to offer regarding boot fair that Is not mentioned here, please chip in. Particularly if you have anything to offer concerning local pubs or other places, home automation boot fair experiments, home brew, ale, or appley goodness. Thank you.

This is my blog, so if you search here for pubs or other venues it will only return boot fair pubbing / places I was at or plan to go to. It will hopefully return those anyway...If you want a more general search please please try boot fair on Folkestone Gerald, where I have national and international places...

st mary's field st marys college playing field, shorncliffe rd, folkestone

boot fairs [Friday 7 March 2008]

Folkestone Boot Fair dates announced [Monday 28 April 2008]

Boot Fair [Tuesday 15 July 2008]

RE: Boot Fair [Tuesday 15 July 2008]

Have sold 5 of my xbox games Not a raging success, can barely be bothered to write out these envelopes [Tuesday 24 March 2009]

Boot fair in Etchinghill, Easter Saturday [Friday 27 March 2009]

Not got as many CD's as I thought But come to my one man boot fair tomorrow anyway! [Thursday 7 May 2009]

Anyone got anything to say about Folkestone that doesn't involve machetes? NICE ONE but let's talk about something else! [Friday 8 May 2009]

Sold 80 CD's today Sad to see them go :-( [Friday 8 May 2009]

What's that big space in the flat? Oh it's where my CD's were... all sold now! [Saturday 9 May 2009]

local events [Tuesday 12 May 2009]

2010 Dates for Charity Boot Fairs in Folkestone, Shorncliffe Road [Monday 22 March 2010]

Up early, but without vomit A nice start to the long weekend [Saturday 1 May 2010]

RE: Up early, but without vomit [Monday 3 May 2010]

someone else from popbitch approached me in folkestone the other day [Tuesday 4 May 2010]

Dull weather, not good boot fairs A dull day today... [Monday 31 May 2010]

Hot boot fair action I bought legos. [Saturday 26 June 2010]

RE: Hot boot fair action [Monday 28 June 2010]

It's Lego not Meccano [Monday 28 June 2010]

Another absolute roaster today [Saturday 10 July 2010]

TV show Flog It was from Folkestone today Never mind your festivals, watch this daytime fluff on the iplayer... [Thursday 26 August 2010]

boot fair this saturday [Friday 27 August 2010]

sorry I don't know about the boot fair [Friday 27 August 2010]

Aha boot fair has been moved to bank holiday Monday [Sunday 29 August 2010]

A weekend off DIY Boot fairs and shopping, and day dreaming about home automation. [Saturday 18 September 2010]

Charity Boot Fairs in aid of Cancer Research UK 2011 [Thursday 10 March 2011]

Boot fair this morning, so up early! [Saturday 9 April 2011]

Glorious weekend Marvellous weather [Monday 11 April 2011]

Roasting weekend [Saturday 23 April 2011]

Super long weekend [Monday 2 May 2011]

Hans Anderson fairy tales [Tuesday 3 May 2011]

Did I just spot the missing cat? [Saturday 14 May 2011]

Boot fair morning [Sunday 21 August 2011]

Boot fair season is upon us again! [Thursday 1 March 2012]

Slight 5.30 panic yesterday [Thursday 1 March 2012]

RE: Boot fair season is upon us again! [Friday 2 March 2012]

Still in a heatwave here [Sunday 27 May 2012]

Frightening stuff, attempted abduction at a boot fair [Thursday 25 April 2013]

Nice weekend, kind of lazy weekend [Monday 13 May 2013]

Bro's before hoes [Sunday 19 May 2013]

Great weekend [Monday 9 September 2013]

Boot fair at Hythe Cricket Club [Saturday 5 October 2013]

Successful boot fair [Sunday 6 October 2013]

Electric fire engine fun [Monday 17 March 2014]

Boot fair on Hythe green on Sunday (6th April) [Friday 4 April 2014]

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