Awesome long weekend


Awesome long weekend

I mentioned earlier in the week that it was great, but have had no time to write it up, and when I did I didn't have my glasses so just couldn't see. Well now I'm back and I've got my eyes on.

As Clare was working all weekend I took the afternoon off work, so I could collect the boys from school and race straight to Portchester. I dropped the beetle in at Volksfarmers for a little spa break for it, Clare picked me up, and we were ready to go. A long hard bank holiday drive, in the sunshine at least, took as about 3 hours to get to Mum and Dad's. Straight to the pub!
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Had dinner at the Seagull

Had the same food as last time, everyone was happy really. Had the same wine too, it is pleasant. It's rough and ready that place but there's something for everyone. They're having a refit apparently, so it is closed now. They are opening the two bars back into one huge one again. I assume this means it will all be family friendly rather than having the adults only bar at one end.

Mum took the boys home to bed and Dad and I stayed for one more, then I sat up too late watching TV.
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Up Saturday morning to see the poppies

The Wave is a big old display of poppies that was previously part of the huge exhibition at the Tower of London. This is the one where most of the grounds of the tower were filled with ceramic poppies, one to represent everyone who died in the First World War. Now it's been broken up, some of it has been sold off, and some of it is on tour. The Wave is now at Fort Nelson, which is an entertaining place to spend an hour, and a nice walk from Mum and Dad's. We took some pictures so Thing One could use this as his homework piece the the weekend, and we had coffees in the sunshine (man it was hot this weekend) and then we walked back home in time for lunch.
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Visiting my Nan Saturday afternoon

She's still in hospital, initially because of the broken hip but then mostly as a result of other things picked up while in hospital. Don't go to hospital, it's rubbish. She is doing well though, all things considered, and she should be coming out any day now.
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Cob and Pen on Saturday night

This made a nice change, headed to the Cob and Pen to meet Andy, mostly because it had a garden and it had been a nice day. Did cool down so we headed back in side eventually. A nice evening talking mostly about travel and holidays.
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