Have been going spending crazy with the share money


Have been going spending crazy with the share money

Well, sort of. I have just bought a new iron and ironing board cover, really treating ourselves. Have thought about buying some more things, but I know as soon as I do the washing machine will blow up or something so best to just keep it as rainy day money.
I am going to buy a Nintendo Switch but we have settled on this being a birthday present, as number one son's birthday coming round quickly enough. We're not going to say "this is birthday and christmas in one" though it would be an extravagant gift, but we might get away with saying it's half for him and half for the other one's birthday five months later, and then spend slightly less when his birthday comes around.

Number one son was creeping up behind me while I was writing that, hope he did not read it.

Speaking of share money though, have a very odd one from work, there is another management buyout and as they put it "The Board are ... giving you the opportunity to monetise half of your shares as part of this transaction, whilst still retaining half of your shares" - I think this means they will buy half my shares next month, but at more than double the price I was expecting. That's how it looks anyway so I think I can cash in what I thought was the full amount, while still retaining half the shares. Sounds good. I will have to pay for the next five years holidays up front! Or at least book next years holiday asap and I guess pay the rest off the mortgage. Clare would like me to put it to the extension...
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