Phonics workshop

Phonics workshop

I'm going to a phonics workshop at the school now, see what number two son is up to. Did not originally plan to, as I am working, and so is Clare so thought we'd just have to miss this. It is nice that they have these events but don't most parents work? How do they expect us to come along to these things. Clare started to tell him this morning "there's this phonics workshop today but we can't come in..." and the speed at which he went from eyes lit up, remembering this event, to face sunk in his arm and tears on the way was astonishing. He'd obviously only just remembered there was to be a thing were parents could come into the class, and to have that given to him and then taken away in a second was heartbreaking. So I'm taking some time out this afternoon (I already have to have a weird lunch break to do school pick up and hang around for the swimming bus for number one son) and will be working tonight to make up...

Same little boy does not always pay such attention to what is going on. Yesterday he went into school with a packed lunch, and came home again with a packed lunch. Somehow he had queued up, blagged on to the list of who is having what, had a free school dinner, without anyone noticing. I hope he did not get someone else's lunch. They all come from off site, and there is no margin for flexibility so it seems like someone must have gone hungry...

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Thu Feb 22 2018

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