PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ Christian Slater

This was in August so a long time ago, I've got about 30/40 celebs that i haven't posted and now i can't be bothered, having seen Dennis / Richard on Friday hopefully i'll start up again now, i'm in a bit of a backlog. Anyway, out of all of those the christian slater one is probably best. Was in Edinburgh for the month of August, and saw christian out and about a few times. the best time was when we managed to get an invite to his birthday party, there were only like 20 people there and it was karaoke, it was very entertaining, all of his Cuckoos nest cast were there including Mackenzie Crook who was very scared of getting up and singing but did a fine job. Christian was lovely, really nice and friendly and not at all celeb like.

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