PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ Punter writes book!

Valued punter Charlie Williams has managed to tear himself away from his portfolio long enough to write a book Dead Folk1... quoting him quoting someone else it's "a story of a doorman, a lost town, and a chainsaw named Susan. It's a tough tale set in a crap town full of no-hopers, desperadoes, thieves, and blockheads". Is it about Stoke Newington?

If enough of you buy it from Amazon1 then I might make enough money to fix the server!

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This content originally from my very popular (in the tail end of the '90s) website popex.com. Parts were written by valued punters, but mostly editorial originally created by me. I moved the content here here when the website eventually closed down at the start of the 2000s. Hopefully this ignites memories (if you find it).