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Another reminder about the Fleadh

Right, not only am I sorting out a summer trip to Dublin, but forget not - a little bit of Ireland is coming to me this year, in the form of The Fleadh.

You know already that some ace names like Bob Dylan and Billy Bragg are playing, so in today's missive I'll be focussing a little lower down the bill. Today's highlight: Fionn Regan

Fionn is from the outskirts of Dublin, and cites Neil Young, Tom Waits, The Beatles and The Clash as influences, he's supported the likes of Turin Brakes and Damien Rice. His Barfly Acoustic shows were a rip roaring success, and though I didn't see them I've been assured he's great.

Get Fleadh tickets here and prop up popex. They're a fairly weighty 38.50 plus booking fee, but children under 13 are admitted free when accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

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Wed May 26 2004

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