Blog2004 ≫ Billy Bragg added to the Fleadh

Can't remember if I already posted this or not, but HEY, I'm excited, so I'm pleased to be announcing it again... The bard of Barking, Billy Bragg joins the main stage this year for an almost inevitable triumphant performance. Bragg released a great compilation album last year Must I Paint A Picture The Essential Billy Bragg featuring highlights of his 25 plus years musical history. Described in the past as a one man Clash expect incredible folk / rock / punk music matched with scathing yet witty lyrics from an inimitable artist.

As well as Billy B the lineup is as follows:

Fleadh Stage Bob Dylan + Counting Crows + The Charlatans + Christy Moore + The Delays

Borderline Stage John Prine + Laura Cantrell Band + Kathryn Williams + Juliet Turner + Nick Harper + Laura Viers + Fionn Regan + Polly Paulusma + Bex Marshall + Murphy Kid

The Fleadh is on the 20th of June, Get tickets here or here and support popex...

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