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The new album by David Devant and his Spirit Wife

DAMN, forgot to take home the new David Devant and his Spirit Wife album "Power Words for Better Living" at the weekend, so I've missed out on some valuable pre-gig listening time... but this morning I've given it a good going over, and am mightily impressed. It's slightly quirky guitar based art-pop, some are suggesting there's a trace of Franz Ferdinand in there, though the most prominent connection I can see is both bands are named after dead Victorians.

Pleased to see here some more familiar faves, like Gentleman Jim, and the tracks from the new single Contact, which while mellower than previous masterworks still have a good thing going on. Seems a bit short is my only criticism, I hope the band are keeping some material up their sleeves. No, not tissues, I mean like new songs and that.

devant.info1 for more, uh, INFO. I suspect you'll be able to pick up a copy of the album and single at the gig tomorrow at Dingwalls... you are all in London aren't you? Anyway, still tickets available through popex.com/artists/david_devant/tickets.html, though it's getting a bit late for them to be posted out. More Devant based chat at the aforementioned site or groups.yahoo.com/group/devant2, or HEY, if you have any comments or questions, why not post them right here?

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