Blog2004 ≫ Just got the new Darkness single

"Love is Only A Feeling"

Love Is Only A Feeling1

It's out on "limited edition" 7'' picture disc, which I have, I doubt it's all that limited though... there's a DVD and a regular CD, and every cash in format you can imagine, I hope it's enough to send this one to number one, though with it being the fourth track off the album to be released, and it's also been released before (as one of the tracks on the original EP), it's hard to see who's going to be buying it. Apart from saps like me. Still, even if the album's sold over a million copies in the UK, that still leaves nearly 60 million Brits who haven't bought a copy. If one in a thousand of those went and bought one copy of this single, that ought to do it.

Good luck chaps!

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