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The Copperpot Journals...

As recommended by someone who's also a fan of stellastarr*, so that's got to count for something:

The Copperpot Journals are playing the Camden Underworld tomorrow (12th). It'd be cheaper than buying their album - but you'll love them (unless you have something seriously wrong with you) and therefore will buy their album anyway. you can get it off play.com for 9.99 - worth every single penny. i love them, in case you hadn't guessed. i've been listening to them today. their music is beautiful and amazing. one of their most beautiful lines has to be "i'd imagine in a plane crash the most cynical of non-believers pray". yes, i recommend you go and see them, and if you do, don't make me too jealous!

Possibly a bit late now for the Camden gig, but get Copperpot Journals tickets through Ticketmaster or Copperpot Journals tickets through Wayahead and support this site...

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