PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ My Coco

Don't forget these stellastarr* dates...

Just a reminder, stellastarr are finally going to release My Coco on the 8th of March, it's certainly the maddest thing on their album, and quite possibly the best, could be the best single you'll hear all year... popex.com/popEx/1/1/1/3/2/4/2/ for more details... They're touring in Feb and March:

Looking for the lowdown on when stellastarr is touring? This is the place...

If you'd like to know when stellastarr tickets become available click here if you're a popex member or join up here (it's free), pick stellastarr as your favourite band and say "yes" to the gig mail... Then you'll receive a mail as soon as tickets go on sale. Unless it's for The Pixies, then they sell out before I get to hear about them, DOH!

BTW, if I ever say Portsmouth is in West Sussex, that's because I've automatically inserted Wayahead content into popex without checking it - they... I am from there, I know it's in Hampshire.

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