PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ Double Competition Action

Caiaphas and All One Surface giveaway...

To save on postage I'm packaging up two great freebies at once here, and doing a CD giveaway for Caiaphas and All One Surface, two bands connected in one way or another with valued popex punters.

All One Surface's debut album is available now from human-recordings.com and see Caiaphas have The Crush EP out now, available from caiaphas.co.uk...

It's hard to choose between the bands for me, I prefer the quirky rockness of the opening of the Caiaphas EP, but there's a sublime moment on the All One Surface album featuring genuine sobs, that is fantastically moving.

Bobster says Caiphas have created a cracking quintet of alternative rock1 and All One Surface are high drama, high energy, high pop and high fun rock2... so if you'd like to win these two fine piece of plastic, please please answer this completely unrelated question3... five lucky winners win a copy of each masterwork, and possibly a little something extra from my desk.

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