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And another competition for you! You have all entered the win some shoes and tickets to a gig one haven't you?

Got a couple of pairs of tickets to each of the following PlayLouder nights at the ICA next week, if you can tell me:

Which of these artists is really performing on one of these nights?

Thursday 4 December (Doors 7pm, buy tickets here)

Gold Chains, Roll Deep Crew, Dabrye and Crack Village

Gold Chains: "One of the great sounds of pop, taking his hip hop playa fantasies into the realms of the sick'n'surreal" NME

"a stripped down, funk fuelled odyssey that will get you shaking your thing on your living room table before the first track is even over" bbc/experimental

Mashing bass, trance, house, hip-hop, punk, funk, prog, pub rock, techno, and glitch, Gold Chains' Young Miss America is a champagne digital bootyshake of a record, so expect a riotous set from the wicked man from San Francisco. And with support from Dizzee Rascal's stomping Roll Deep Crew, digi-rap barbarians Crack Village, and genre side-stepping Dabrye, this night is set to go down in tech-noise history.

10, 9 Concs. 8 ICA Members

Friday 5 December (Doors 7pm, buy tickets here)

DEDBEAT presents

Gescom, Cassette Boy, DJ Rubbish, Fujiya & Miyagi and Ai Records featuring Claro Intellecto, Yellotone and ADJ

DJ Rubbish: "utterly underground" NME

Gescom: "Committed to the more adventurous side of electro/techno" absorb.org

Gescom, widely accepted as the mysterious outlet for Autechre's other electronic ideas, will be highlighting why they are such a unique and respected collective through a rare DJ set performance. Alongside them, expect hilarious political satire from Cassette Boy, acted out in the guise of Mary and Jesus or Bush and Bin Laden, plus DJ Rubbish, rated by the NME as the 29th coolest person in rock 2002.

Ai records, "one of the most collectable labels", according to Warp Records, will showcase the live abilities of three fresh talents, Claro Intellecto, Yellotone and ADJ, leaving the finesse of band Fujiya & Miyagi to end the night with a subtle blend of electronics and post rock melodies.

9, 8 Concs. 7 ICA Members

Closing date, ooh, I dunno, before the gigs actually happen. Don't forget the Journey Shoes competition from yesterday...

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