Manchester LA LA LA

Manchester LA LA LA

This is a repost from the PopExcellent message board, they're having a meet up at the Electric Six gig in December... why not chip in on their board and go to?

_I have bought tickets for ELECTRIC SIX at the Manchester University on Saturday 6th December 2003 through this link here!

I suggest you do the same NOW!!!

For those needing hotels and the like... you will need this link here! The hotel you need is the Charles Street one. They have spaces, I checked so get a bloody move on and lets get this show on the road!!!

And no, I dont know where and when we will be meeting..._

I did ask if it was OK to promote this, the more the merrier apparently! Sorry not to have done this for the London based meet-ups, next time someone has something planned that will be of interest to other popex punters, let me know...

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Fri Oct 03 2003

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