PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Feeder re-release

They're whacking a free DVD in with it this time though...

Feeder are to re-release their fourth album "Comfort In Sound" on September 29th 2003. A year to the day that "Come Back Around" was released; the album will include a free bonus DVD with exclusive Feeder footage. The eight tracks will feature the fantastic videos for the singles released from "Comfort in Sound", which, with the exception of "Come Back Around", are previously unavailable on DVD. The bonus DVD will also include the legendary video for "Just a Day" as well as "Cant Stand Losing You" and "Buck Rogers", both recorded live 2001.

Prior to the re-release of the album, Feeder will release their next single "Find the Colour" on September 22nd 2003 through the Echo Label. The single will be released on CD and limited edition white vinyl and backed with new tracks "Remember The Silence" and "Circles".

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