PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Johnny Vaughn, Tim Kash, Lulu

Chelsea, London

Fir some reason i've had a pretty good weekend, B-list celebrity-spottingwise...

On saturday i spotted Lulu on King's Road looking gorgeous, if not a little like one of those new big-headed Barbie rip-offs 'Bratz', with a fairly young guy (round 35 i'd say) who was quite really quite attractive (most probably a gigolo..)

That afternoon i saw Johnny Vaughn walking past World's End Estate on King's Road with another guy, talking on the phone in an especially cockney accent (where did that come from..?) he was also looking damn good.

Finally at 4:30 am (technically Sunday, I know) I had an all day breakfast at the table next to Tim Kash the MTV News presenter at Vingt-Quatre the amazing 24hr restaurant on Fulham Rd in Chelsea. He was looking really really fine wearing a pin-striped suit with a plain white T-shirt. Unfortunately for my friend and me - the girl draped all over him was equally stunning with long dark brown hair and really pale skin - bollocks... maybe next time eh?



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