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This is more like it!

RAH, I was worried that Muse were going to be embracing this new "buy a single, but don't actuallyown the single" online malarky after their last internet only release, but NO! The next single Time Is Running Out is available as a DVD an avenue they've cruised before and a CD and a CLEAR VINYL 7"! Who said the format was dead?

Best of all this promo has arrived in static proof packaging, like it is microchips that you would implant in your brain.

It's apparently "insanely catchy" and encapsulates eclecticism or something. My CD player is down on the floor so if I was to be bending down, putting a CD in and then bending down again when it finishes 3 mintues later, I'd be in traction before you could say "Absolution (the album) is out on the 22nd of September"...

Also touring, in November and December, hold on for those dates...

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Tue Aug 12 2003

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