PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Was it HOT at the weekend or WHAT?

I went to the Red Bull Flug Tag thing, and it was shit!

Went to the Red Bull Flug Tag1 thing in Hyde Park at the weekend, was that a victim of it's own success or WHAT? Haven't read any reviews of it yet, I'd imagine they'll all rave about it as it looked like it was GREAT - if you were in the press enclosure. As we weren't we were shunted around like the lowly cattle we are, and most of the good viewing points were blocked by huge fences put up to shield the press enclosure for some reason. So, ace if you had blagged into that, but shite from where we were, half a mile back on the other bank. And all the tube stations were closed because of over crowding, and the busses were too full. And you used to be able to leave your back door open, and still have change from a ten bob note.

Judges for this flying event were apparently Harvey from So Solid Crew, and Avid Merrion and Javine and Christine Hamilton. But we could only see them, not hear them.

So, next time, get their early, and get a press pass or get a boat... That's the last time I big up an event that needs special press access to be fully enjoyed. Unless of course it's the KERRANG DAY OF ROCK AT VIRGIN MEGASTORE TOMORROW2!!!

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