Flaming Gigs

Flaming Gigs

Flaming Lips are that latest in a long line of bands doing big tours this Autumn... a couple of dates are on sale already, namely:

+Bournemouth International Centre (Fri 24 Oct) +Brighton Centre (Sun 2 Nov)

But the rest of the dates will be up here soon... don't double book yourself, remember The Darkness and SFA, OK!

If you'd like to know IMMEDIATELY Flaming Lips tickets become available click here if you're a popex member or join up here (it's free), pick Flaming Lips as your favourite band and say "yes" to the gig mail... Then you'll receive a mail as soon as tickets go on sale.

Don't delay, join today! Man, I am sounding like an advert. Have a nice weekend whatever you're doing.

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Fri Jul 18 2003

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