THE KIDS on THE STREET are going crazy for the popex gig mail!!!

THE KIDS on THE STREET are going crazy for the popex gig mail!!!

I now have Radiohead tickets! Yay me! 10 minutes later they sold out so we don't have the ten tickets we cummulatively wanted. I think there's going to be a very big fight when I tell the 4 people that didn't get tickets that I have 2 spare...

If you don't want to miss out on tickets for an upcoming gig, make sure you're signed up to popex and make sure you've said YES to the gig mail... this way you will hear about gigs as soon as they're on sale...

+Click here if you're not already a popex member, and you want the gig mail +Click here if you're already signed up but aren't yet receiving the gig mail +Click here if Radiohead are your favourite band and you want to know when more tickets become available

Play popex, or your friends will beat you up!

Hmm, maybe I should change this so that you indicate that you want to know about a band by BUYING THEIR SHARES - then you could pick more than three! And you'd have to keep one share in the bands you like... What do we reckon?

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Thu Jul 10 2003

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