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Not just one guaranteed-to-be-ace album from one of my favourite artists turn up this week... but TWO, also MJ Hibbett and the Validators long awaited opus "This Is Not A Library" is here at last.

What is item 2 on the "This Is Not A Library" Sampler?

("AHA! Cos then they'd have to go and LOOK at it!")

FIVE lucky winners get a free copy of the album... proper review coming up here soon, but it's a right welcome package - 18 proper tracks, more than that again in demo version and others, plus lyrics, notes, and all sorts in a CD-R enhanced bit...

The album is out for real on the 21st of July, but you can pre-order a copy here and get it a week early...

MJ Hibbet plays tonight (Friday) at Kentish Town Verge, and next month at the Garage and Brixton Windmill, see the gigs page for more info...

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Fri Jul 04 2003

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