The second full size MJ Hibbett and the Validators album "This Is Not A Library" is out soon! Well, not until the 21st of July, but we'll have some copies to give away very soon indeed. Until then, here's what Hibbett himself has to say: "If you could give the sampler a mention please - http://www.[mjhibbett](/wiki/#mj/hibbett).com/sampler/ - then that would be VERY APPRECIATED INDEED"... Very pleased to mention, it's ZX-TASTIC.

The album is 18 new songs PLUS another hour's worth of additional tracks and a whole book's worth of lyrics, sleevenotes, biographies and stuff... it sounds well multimedia, which is a bonus indeed for such a non corporate label. The sampler features, uh A SAMPLE of the album, the following free tracks that you can hear for NOWT;

The Symbol of our Nation Fat was a Feminist Issue Hodalls is the new name for Midland Mainline Lost Property Programming is a Poetry for our time www.mjhibbett.com

No need to rip them off, they're ripping themselves off!

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Tue Jun 03 2003

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