PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Goodnight Jim Bob

New album out NOW!

James Robert "Jim Bob" Morrison, formerly of Carter USM release an full length album "Goodnight Jim Bob1" today, if you liked Carter you'll like this, and if you didn't you might like it also... stereoworld.co.uk2 for more details... bit of a lazy review I know, but I'm in a hurry... There's a free copy up for grabs to one random voter in the "should the big brother housemates be added to popex" poll.

If you'd like to chip in with "which britpop era stars are each of the housemates" (Steph looks like Louise Wienner, Scott is Tim Burgess, Gos is Jyoti White Town, Jon is David McAlmont etc), then that would be cool too.

Sorry to have polluted your front page with this rubbish Jim Bob. Everyone buy the album here1...

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