Growing On Me

Growing On Me

I got a copy of the new Darkness single [Growing On Me]( On Mee) too, will this one bust into yer actual top forty? I think it must do, the band are doing SO MUCH this summer that there won't be a music fan in the UK who's not seen them by the end of the summer, and that's all they really needed, exposure.

For their breakthrough single, it's an odd one, it's not their best, but it's DAMN GOOD. It's backed with the spankingly title "How Dare You Call This Love" and "Bareback", neither of which are on the album...

Now the band seem to have achieved their aim of being the all conquering rock stars, the single will be out on DVD format too, featuring the video for the single too... Get your pre-order for that, and the album (out July 7th) here. Or somewhere else.

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Thu May 29 2003

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