PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Darkness playing Reading

Yes, the festival, yes on the main stage. Blimey.

And you all scoffed when I started going on about this band... Right, the mighty Darkness follow hot on the heals of signing a hundred billion pound record deal with satan himself (or something, details are still sketchy) with a slot at Reading and Leeds Festival. They're playing the main stage Saturday at Reading, oddly NOT the traditional "rock" day, but they'll still be giving the likes of Blur and the White Stripes a run for their money.

Press release follow:

THE DARKNESS have seen their name go from underground buzz to A & R stampede in the short space of two independent singles. Taking their cue from the rock stylings of Queen and Bon Jovi, The Darkness are unashamedly stadium in all the right senses and their presence on the Main Stage will see them in the perfect setting. Flamboyant, totally oeuvre but yet a stunning live rock experience, The Darkness are here to convert more to their cause following an amazing set at Austin's music fest, South by South West. Prepare to clap in unison with your hands above your head, stadium rock has a new direction.

Oh also Staind have been added, and Grandaddy, and the Thrills and 80s Matchbox and Radio 4 and the Kills and Jet. But mostly THE DARKNESS.

Full lineups so far to follow this message... over...

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