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Blur were ace, but it doesn't stop there...

Blur were ace last night at the Astoria, much more of a mix of old and new than I expected, which was a treat as I don't know the new album. New guitarist stood like a sessionist, not drawing attention to himself either with presence or ability really... Damon said that though Graham was absent, it didn't mean he'd left the band, just that he wasn't there right now. Anyway, we got Popscene, Song 2, Girls and Boys, Beetlebum, Tender, Trim Trabb and... PARKLIFE? No, not actually Parklife, but there was a frightening moment when they were joined on stage by Phil Daniels, and performed something I don't know... I'm off to blur.co.uk1 or blurtalk.com2 or something to try and find out what it was...

About half of the new songs were ace, it made for a smashing gig... Support were Athlete, and they were slightly better than a couple of weeks ago, as we saw slightly less of them.

If you've missed out on this little residency (it's the last night tonight, and surely sold out) Reading tickets are all sold out too, but you could nip up to Leeds to catch them... well worth it.


Dirty Three have been confirmed for the Barfly, this Saturday, it's an exposure night with John Kennedy, tickets will probably all go today...

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