PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ um, LOOK OVER THERE!


It wasn't me that broke popex, it just broke all by itself.

Anyway, have I said how much I likes free stuff? Thanks to Invisible Hands1* for the bundle of CD's, which should distract me from messing stuff up for a while.

They're pushing a new singled by the band Clear called "Johnny Marr Was A Mistake". YES, STRAIGHT IN THE BIN, that's what I thought, until I read what it was about - see, major labels deliberately only release RUBBISH, but occasionally a freaky throwback of "good" gets through, the Smiths being an example. Anyway, this doesn't sound like the Smiths, more like a Carter USM shandy, bits of lots of indie pop too, Supernaturals and Dodgy spring to mind.

Thanks also for the new / greatest hits / live CD's by UK Subs and The Vibrators, also they're touring, mad...

* Yes the links section is all much improved now, thanks.

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This content originally from my very popular (in the late nineties) website popex.com. Parts were written by other people, but mainly originally created by me. I moved this content here when the website eventually closed down at the start of the '00s. Hope this ignites memories assuming anyone sees this.