PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Sigur Ros

Blue Fish Restaurant-Dallas, TX (Lower Greenville)

We spotted them from the bar (we were looking across the street)they were walking to the back of the restaurant when they realized it wasn't and entrance and then walked all the way back to the front where we were sitting right by the door waiting on some people to sell tickets to. They walked up to the host stand and signed a poster for someone and were seated on the patio of the sushi bar. There were only 3. The bassist, drummer, and vocalist. On the way out we waved at them and they humbley waved back surprised almost to be recognized in dallas, texas. After telling our friends they proceeded to run across the street and hand them their cds hoping that they'd give them a listen. It was so surreal. They are just normal guys...trying to have dinner.


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