Def Leppard made a good job of playing after The Darkness last night...

Saw The Darkness and The Def Leppard last night at Brixton Academy and it rocked me to an ear buzzing state of near deafness...

Was pleasantly surprised by how the Def Leppard crowd took to the Darkness, the boys from Lowestoft had this capacity soft rocking crowd by the balls.

Personally I could do with people laughing at / with The Darkness a bit less... sure it's over the top but this is ROCK and ROLL. Did people say to Angus Young "you can play the guitar quite well, but drop the school uniform or you'll never be taken seriously"? To Steven Tyler "take those hankies off that mike stand, and get your hair cut too"..? "Don't take this the wrong way Freddie, but that moustache looks a bit gay"... "Enough with the broken bottle Mr Osterburg, your music is good enough to stand up on it's own"... "Shave off that moustache you insane monobollocked vegetarian, you'll never take Europe"... This is ROCK (apart from the last one) and the theatre goes hand in hand with the music.

Def Leppard also rocked, highly polished set, spanning all the albums... very good chaps. I expected more fireworks though.

WORD from my man in the INDUSTRY is that a lot of the tickets were sold last night purely on the strength of the Darkness... this means the next shows are likely to sell out fast, get in quick...

💬 Def Leppard

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