Moco support Electric Six

Moco support Electric Six

Wigans finest purveyors of "stupid cool", Moco are back with a new single [Miss Manta Ray](" target=_new title="moco CD's) to be released May 12th on Poolside Records. Of course this sounds like a press release, it is a press release, copy and paste, copy and paste, that's what I do... if you want your press release up here, wrap it in free stuff and send it to 109X Regents Park Road, NW1 8UR...

The Fly says their last single was [divine](" target=_new title="moco CD's), so that's alright.

Their PR also namechecks [The Psychadelic Furs]( Psychadelic Furs" target=_new title="The Psychadelic Furs CD's), [The Rezillos]( Rezillos" target=_new title="The Rezillos CD's), [Soft Cell]( Cell" target=_new title="Soft Cell CD's) and [ZZ Top]( Top" target=_new title="ZZ Top CD's).

Oh, they supported Electric Six, you just missed that, but they're back at the Barfly on the [18th of March](" target=_new title="moco tickets), the [Birmingham Jug of Ale](" target=_new title="Moco tickets) on the [26th of March](" target=_new title="Moco tickets) and will be announcing more dates soon...

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Tue Feb 25 2003

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