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Highbury Park, London

Hah, ha. That's funny. I spotted Sir Bob in Islington, too, last November. So he obviously lives around there. He was waiting for the lights to change at Canonbury Lane and Upper St. and was holding a coffee. The best/worst bit? He had his finger wedged so far up his nose in the attempt to pick it, that I was certain he'd lose his knuckle. You're right, he does look VERY rock and roll. That is, if rock n' roll means unwashed bed head, dirty jeans and boogers! :-D


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Celeb spotting action, not actual stalking. Gotta catch them all! Originally a popular feature of my site popex.com, so mostly from the early 2000s. 99% contributed by valued punters. Hopefully now with some bonus location content that was lost for a while.