PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Cheeky Girls On Tour?

Les Cheekies support the Popstar Rivals tour possibly...

I just heard (though from the popbitch board, so could be lies1 that The Cheeky Girls are to be the support on the Popstars The Rivals tour... tickets are very expensive, but hey, they are cheeky and they are girls, and there might be some bum touching going on...

Birmingham NEC March 1st

London Arena 3rd

Bournmouth BIC 4th

Brighton Centre 5th

Cardiff International Arena 6th

Sheffield Arena 7th

Glasgow SECC 8th

Nottingham Arena 11th

Wembley Arena 12th

Newcastle Arena 14th

Manchester Arena 15th

Get tickets here...

If anyone can pull any strings to get that London date moved, that'd be good, I can't make it, I have "WAR" written in my diary.

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