One Minute Silence

One Minute Silence

Fresh from their sold out club tour last week, which culminated in a riotous show at the Camden Barfly on Friday night (24th January) the band have confirmed a further 15 dates for April and March. PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER, the London show has moved from the 10th April at the Marquee (because of uncertainty surrounding this venue) to the 7th April at the Mean Fiddler. Tickets for the Marquee are NOT valid for the new date and refunds should be obtained from the place of purchase.

The band have also added a new feature to their website, and are now providing a weekly update on matters close to their heart. As fans of the band will be aware, OMS are very opinionated and will now outline their thoughts on various subjects at This week: war sequels, T.WA.T. (The War Against Terrorism) and why we should boycott Britain and the US.

The limited edition, John Leckie and John Cornfield produced Revolution Ep is released this week, and the band release their 3rd album "One Lie Fits All" later this year. There will be another single out to tie in with the March / April dates...

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Wed Jan 29 2003

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