PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Steve Bedlow (Ex Frontman for The Libertines)

2002 August 03: UK, Scarborough, H2002:Beached (fe

Steve Bedlow (Ex Libertine) Played a debut gig with new band The I.V's at the Scarborough Beach Festival. The funny thing was that The Libertines where headlining, minus a lead singer!

Apparently Steve was considered for the post but gratefully declined on the day. Carl Barrat had this to say about Steve: "Our original singer Steve's a Libertine through and through; the first time I met Steve was in our squat, because he was in the one next door: I was a bit drunk, and he came in with a stagger and three girls, the dirty bugger. Me and Pete were gonna see if we could just poach a couple of them, but we failed, so we disliked him that night. But, in the morning, I looked out of our dirty broken window and I saw him hanging out his flares on the line, and he seemed pretty cool. After that then, he came in every morning at about 11 for a beer, because we had these big crates of beer from Germany, and - since he'd been in a lot of bands up north for some time - we had him as a frontman for a while." Although amass the cosmic confusion on the day The Libertines went ahead and played a blinding set thru and thru if not only to be a little out done by The I.V's who stole the show with their unique blend of solo-based rock 'n' roll at its showiest and sleaziest!


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