PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ DVD Serious

Only worth getting this DVD if you don't already have the album.

1 An "A" DVD - if it's as packed with stuff as their gigs are packed with pogoing faux metal teens, then it's got to be worth getting. But it's not, it's not a full length DVD, it's just a bonus disk packaged with the re-released HI-FI Serious. To be fair though, it's only the cost of a normal album.

There are three tracks recorded at Reading Fest (Nothing, Starbucks and Going Down) and one from the Astoria, and a few bits of backstage footage.

Probably not worth getting, unless you are a big "A" fan who doesn't already have the album.

Doesn't that album cover look like the Supergrass one, and the Datsuns one? Is it all the same designer?

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