Full Blown Electric Job

Full Blown Electric Job

Feeder play a "fans" type gig at London Highbury Garage on Monday November 25th... Zoe ball will be announcing it formally this afternoon on XFM, but I can tell you now you will be able to get tickets from http://www.feederweb.com (not http://www.feeder.co.uk oh no) or http://www.xfm.co.uk

They're in session Zoe's show today too, check out http://www.xfm.co.uk you can listen to it online, we are.

This show, the bands first since their headlining slots at this years Carling Weekend (Evening Session Stage), will see Feeder play a full proper electric set. The band are doing a proper tour in February and March... there should be a link here somewhere for tickets...

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Mon Nov 18 2002

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