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Got five winners for the Frankie Machine Competition, each of the following wins a copy of "Francis Albert Machine and Friends", which is much recommended - not just by me, by punters who've paid cash money.

+Luke Murray, Shropshire +Hel Murray, Stockport (I picked it randomly, honest) +Aaron Gow, Croydon +Potter Tait, Essex +Andy Malt, Cambridgeshire

One unfortunate punter who I won't name was picked out of the hat, but got the answer wrong, try harder next time, or buy it from the AAS website... Also, shock horror, I only went and remembered to send a prize to number one trader this week... why'd it have to be someone the other side of the world though? That is my whole budget spent, just on postage for a couple of CD's to Wes Hunter, of Australia...

💬 McAlmont and Butler

⬅️ :: Jessica Stevenson (the bird out of Spaced) ➡️
Fri Nov 08 2002

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