The Wifes gone up Kings Cross

The Wifes gone up Kings Cross

The fabulous Readers Wifes play at Uncle Bobs Wedding Reception tomorrow night (Saturday 2nd November), don't be missing out...

Over to Uncle Bob's to big the night up: How to describe this thrilling quartet? Kind of like a maleovolent Human League doing electro cabaret. With half of them in drag. Yep, THAT GOOD. They'll be playing forthcoming single "Broken Angel" with lyrics written by none other than The Queen of Fleet Street, and biggest fan of the band, Julie Birchill. Band on at 9pm SHARP. DO NOT MISS!!!

Uncle Bobs is at Kings Cross Water Rats the first Saturday of Every Month. Other Club night's are available1.

  1. Not sure if I was deliberately doing wrong apostrophes here, I seemed to do it a lot
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