PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ conrad and jason from the trail of dead

leeds met uni - april 2002

After trying and failing to wangle my way backstage, I consoled myself by having a pint in the student union bar - when who should stroll in but conrad and jason from the trail of dead - after one of the most hell-raising gigs i have ever seen! as they walked through the door, i was the first to notice (after a few minutes there were a few sycophants and dilletantes milling round, but they were late, and they deserve nought but derision) and so i bounded up to conrad, asking him: "geez, are you guys like that EVERY night?" he replied: "uh, every other night", and we got talking about stuff like lester bangs ('cos i wanted to interview him, alas, that never came about - but i got their email addresses from them, so what am i waiting for?), and i gave away far too much dignity by constantly praising their performance and hailing them as rock'n'roll's saviours. jason was absoultely hammered and did nought but mumble and snigger, but he signed my ticket and wrote an illegible message as well. conrad, from what i can remember, seemed a really funny and down-to-earth guy, and we appeared to have a lot in common. i really should email him one of these days... a friend asked me afterwards if i would suck conrad keeley's cock, (in his usual vulgarity) and i answered by paraphrasing lester bangs: "i would suck conrad keeley's cock because i would also kiss the feet of those who drafted the magna carta." (bangs was originally talking about lou reed). go figure...


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